Innovative - competent


VOC < 1%

AB-Zeropox® and AB-Zeropur®

Practically "zero" emissions

We live and work at the North Sea - and we understand something of clean air . There are more and more rules and regulations, lists and permissions , approvals and guidelines . What does this mean ?



A system sets new standards

Durable, safe, proven - The experts of many recognized institutes agree: No product system has met the standard values in this uniform precision or undercut as ESD from ABP.

Corrosion protection


The first of its kind!

Corrosion protection with "bionic" technology In Nature proven methods as a model lead in to demonstrably provable excellent corrosion protection properties of the AB-COR series. Approvals by BAW are just as natural as repair kits.

AB-COR - Prospekt



innovative - competent - efficient

Every day, more entrepreneurs choose the quality and competence of ABP products in the areas of floor coating and seal with polyurethane and epoxy liquid plastics.


Antistatic coating

Applying a slip-resistant anti-static coating

Antistatic coating, entire area dusted with silicon carbide F36 to manufacture an anti-slip and dissipative surface.

More about anti-static coating